What Is Torrenting and It’s Uses?

Torrenting has got the attention of people from quite a few years. According to some resources, almost 3.35% of the total web traffic gets managed through BitTorrent that is around almost 170 million Internet users. Torrenting is basically a method that gets used to upload and download movies, songs, games, books, and many more by the torrent users. It is a predominant process used by the Torrent clients to spread some files all across the universe. There are various traits of Torrenting that many of you are still unaware of.


While Torrenting process, files get sent by a large number of users, who have that files downloaded in their systems rather than getting them to download from a single source or server. For avoiding any possible hassle, you can make use of the best Virtual private network while Torrenting which provides complete protection during P2P i.e. peer-to-peer file sharing.

What do you understand from Torrenting?

It is fundamentally a peer-to-peer file-sharing technology, in which a number of users can download and share their files despite being depending on some particular website or source for downloading files. There are sites like yggtorrent that provide various awesome torrent services. Here, people not only download files from some direct sources but also from users share similar interest. Each user acts as peers and lastly reduces the load of the network. It is damn easy to search for your preferred file on the web and get it downloaded from Torrent.

What are the different uses of Torrenting?

It is a fact that there are various ways to practice a specific activity. Same is the case with downloading movies, songs, books, games, and lot’s more. Torrent is the most preferred option when it comes to downloading this stuff online. It’s overwhelming to see how much people trust and use a Torrent for downloading activities despite having so many options. These are some common uses of Torrenting.

Games downloads and updates.

Music and audio downloading.

On social media platforms.

Why people like Torrent the most?

As we said that there is no smoke without fire. This is completely applicable in this particular thing too. People like Torrent because of various reasons. Some of which are-

  • Completely free of cost.
  • Entirely hassle-free.
  • High-pace downloading.
  • Multi-server system support.

Individuals like to download files from Torrent because of the above highlighted amazing advantages. Torrent enables individuals to download files free of expense and without too many efforts. P2P innovation caused a vital impact on Torrenting.

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