Does- E-Cigarette -Help- To- Quit -Smoking?

Does E-Cigarette Help To Quit Smoking?

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An electronic cigarette is a battery-driven smoking device that gives you a comparable sensation to breathing in the tobacco smoke, without the smoke. It consists of cartridges that are replaceable and refillable. E-cigarettes helped some people to quit smoking. It was found that smokers who utilize e-cigarettes tend to smoke less and hence maximized the quit attempts. Combustible cigarettes are the most unsafe type of nicotine conveyance. Elective conveyance of nicotine, through e-cigarettes, have lessened the risk of cancer.

One thing is sure vaping (consuming E-cigarettes) keeps the poisonous stench of cigarettes out of the general population. However, the fragrant of the e-cigarettes make people attract towards it. The liquid inside the cartridges of e-cigarette come in many flavors. Juul flavors are the most popular among these, they offer different types of flavor. This helps people to indulge more in vaping instead of tobacco smoking. There are also other ways to quit smoking, for example, chewing gums and patches but the success rate is very less.


How to quit smoking using E-Cigarettes

  • Once you start consuming the e-cigarette for some time, and you think you are ready to use it properly, you are supposed to drop down a nicotine level. It is almost like trying different cigarette brands or going for a softly “lighter” tobacco. You will presumably see the difference. Just like the progressions to your smoking tendency you made previously, you and your body will become acclimated to it. It’s simply a matter of time.
  • When you feel comfortable change down to the lightest nicotine quality. If you are endeavoring to consume a lower nicotine level while utilizing an electronic cigarette you may end up getting instigated. Generally, it takes a few months to settle down.
Juul -Flavors
Juul Flavors
  • You will eventually come to know the right time when to, at last, begin hitting the low-quality stuff. When you choose to go on to the low-quality stuff, you should intentionally begin leaving your electronic cigarette at home. When you leave your home for work, pack it in your bag in such a way that you can’t find it easily.
  • The trap is to become a non-smoker whether it is just for two or three hours at a time. Using low quality is the step towards being a non-smoker. Soon, you will be en route to being nicotine-free.


  • After few months on the low-quality nicotine cartridges or fluid, and a couple of endeavors at purposely abandoning it at home or in the auto when you go all over the place, you should begin considering going to zero.


The ultimate secret to stopping smoking with e-cigarettes is to do things gradually.